Cybex Aton 5 Seggiolino Manhattan grigio - G890AE2D2

Codice Prodotto: G890AE2D2
Disponibilità: In Magazzino
177,47€ 92,79€
  • Poggiatesta regolabile 8 posizione con guide di imbracatura integrati per una protezione che cresce con il bambino

  • Imbracatura in Y a cinghie extra ampie con cintura morbida e protezione le gambine

  • Capottina parasole integrato XXL UVP50 +

  • ATON Car seat
    The fourth generation of the successful car seat

    The Aton 5 promises a semiliar story as its predecessors.

    • height-adjustable for a flat sleeping position
    • headrest is height-adjustable in 8 positions inclusive strap guide
    • linear side impact protection (L.S.P. System)
    • XXL canopy with UVP50+ for optimal sun protection

    The special function which guarantees a flat sleeping angle between head, neck and chest, avoids tilting forward of the head and reduces the risk of suffocation.
    Other functions are: height-adjustable headrest with strap guide which improves the accident provention of the energy absorbing car seat in combination with the linear side impact; a big XXL canopy. The car seat is has belts or can be installed with a base which has to be ordered seperately.

    • headrest is height-adjustable in 8 positions
    • protection which adapts the child's growth, user-friendly

    The height of the belt adjusts automatically with the position of the headrest. This is a relief for parents since the complicated installation of the belts isn't necessary and a twist is avoided. The Y belt-system is a very good option for little babies. 

    • Linear side impact protection

    The Linear side impact protection (L.S.P. System) absorbs the impacts of a lateral collision in relation with the energy absorbing car seat.

    The revolutionary L.S.P. System (Linear Side-impact Protection) helps to send the first impulse of an impact through the protector so the material structure of the car seat absorbs it and leads it away from the baby.

    • For a flat sleeping position

    The neck musculature and reflexes og small babies are very weak yet, which can lead to a tilting forward of the head, pinch off of the air supply and risk of suffocation.

    A new function has been developed and tested with

    Cybex Aton 5 Seggiolino Manhattan grigio - G890AE2D2